[Bell Historians] Re: alternative to bells

Richard Offen richard at ...
Thu Jun 16 13:15:29 BST 2005

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> I can confirm that Smiths do electronic chimes.
> We have a shopping centre in Loughborough called the Carillon 
Centre (Any 
> Aussies on the list, please note there is no i after the double ll!)

[I know, I grind my teeth every time I hear them saying it! They 
have also started calling a carillon player a "carillionist" ...yuk!]

> has a clock with a turret and one of our bells in it (about 16") to 
> the hours. The quarters and the tunes that play after the hour 
(Polly put 
> the kettle on and other musical masterpieces)are artificial.

[And dreadful it sounds too!]

> Typical of Charnwood Borough Council not to ask their indigenous 
> if they could supply real bells!

[They probably thought they couldn't afford real bells!]



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