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I can confirm that Smiths do electronic chimes.

We have a shopping centre in Loughborough called the Carillon Centre (Any 
Aussies on the list, please note there is no i after the double ll!)which 
has a clock with a turret and one of our bells in it (about 16") to strike 
the hours. The quarters and the tunes that play after the hour (Polly put 
the kettle on and other musical masterpieces)are artificial.

Typical of Charnwood Borough Council not to ask their indigenous bellfounder 
if they could supply real bells!



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>I think Smith's (the clockmakers) sell electronic devices which simulate 
> sound of bells. I've seen them in a catalogue. From the description, they
> sound really naff, I must say.
> In Northallerton there is a clock projecting from the front of a shopping
> precinct, which 'sounds' the Westminster quarters and hour, with the
> recodings being of a chime with an hour bell in excess of a ton. Can't
> remember what the note is - Eb or D I think, but I could be wrong. It 
> sounds
> rather incongruous, to say the least!
> David
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