[Bell Historians] Re: alternative to bells

Richard Smith richard at ...
Thu Jun 16 16:34:27 BST 2005

Richard Offen wrote:

> They were composed by William Crotch in 1793

Is this actually known to be true? On the Cambridge Youths'
webpage, which I believe reflects what is in Mark Ockleton's
published history of the bells at Great St Mary's, it says,

| In 1793, a new clock by Thwaites of London was installed,
| and Revd Dr Joseph Jowett, Regius Professor of Civil Law,
| was asked to compose a suitable chime. We shall never
| know whether the result was his own invention; there is a
| long, but almost wholly unsubstantiated, tradition that he
| received assistance either from Dr Randall, the Professor
| of Music, or from his brilliant undergraduate pupil,
| William Crotch (1775-1847).




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