[Bell Historians] Star Street, Paddington.

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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Star Street, Paddington.
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> ...reminded me of a number
> of lost rings, including Star Street. I gather that they were very
> difficult to ring, and once saw a photo of the slender, octagonal
> tower. Does anyone have the details of the Warner 8 (I have heard that
> they were in a 10 bell frame), know what the frame layout was, and is
> there a photo on the web somewhere?
> Nigel Taylor

The tower was not octagonal but markedly rectangular/oblong.

It was not a ten-bell frame, but there was certainly space on the upper tier
for another two bells. The eight were hung four-on-four, and all swinging
in the same direction.

I have a photo of the bells on the upper tier, and another of the tenor.
Lugging a 5" x 4" format camera and flash equipment up the fire-damaged
ladder was no joke.



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