[Bell Historians] Star Street, Paddington.

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Thu Jun 30 09:06:37 BST 2005

> This one may have been aired in the past, but the mention of St. magnus-
> the-Martyr ( I remember them being broken up) reminded me of a number
> of lost rings, including Star Street. I gather that they were very
> difficult to ring, and once saw a photo of the slender, octagonal
> tower. Does anyone have the details of the Warner 8 ( I have heard that
> they were in a 10 bell frame), know what the frame layout was, and is
> there a photo on the web somewhere?
> Nigel Taylor
Just to say that the Editor of the RW now has the article on Star Street
which he asked me for some years ago... Including two or three photos.
But I reckon DLC would have done the job much better.



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