Whitechapel clock bell

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Thu Mar 3 13:42:57 GMT 2005

> There is a RW article about this bell (I've no idea where...) - the
bell has a rhyme on it stating the origin of its copper. However, I
believe this is a clock bell, not one hung for ringing. Whether there
is another bell hung for ringing I don't know.
> David

you're right David, it is the Foundry clock bell and , if my memory
serves me right, it is hung in the front yard above the door into the
Molding Shop.>

The yard clock bell is 19" diameter, weighs 1-2-5, and is tuned 
to "B". It was cast in 1958, and incorporated the copper from the old 
DC motor that was scrapped in 1957. When I have a spare moment, I 
shall copy the inscription. The bell has staves, notes, and zig-zag 
flashes in the inscription band.
The bell hung for ringing in the tuning shop was cast in 2001, is 20" 
diameter, weighs 1-2-14, and is tuned to "G#". The yard slow-swinger 
was cast in 1987, is 31" diameter, weighs 5-2-13, and is tuned to "C".

Nigel Taylor

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