Whitechapel Clock Bell

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Further to Nigel Taylor's posting on 3/3/2005, I have found some 
correspondence published in the IEE journal Electronics & Power in March 
1968. The bell was cast incorporating the copper from a DC motor which 
replaced a steam engine in 1908 whose crankshaft had broken. The motor 
remained in service until 1958 when the power company replaced the DC 
supply with AC. Douglas Hughes persuaded London Electricity that a 
commemorative bell be cast from the copper from the motor windings 
suitably alloyed with tin. The inscription reads:

/The copper alloyed in this bell
Came from a motor that served us well;
For fifty years it turned our wheels
Assisting us in making peals
That went to places far and wide;
But now its task is laid aside.

The metal, mixed with Cornish tin,
Vibrates with new life from within,
And by God's grace we hope will sound
For years, to mark our daily round,
And thus continue in this place,
Content, beneath our clock's fair face.

/The bell is struck from a handsome turret clock dated about 1725./

/Alan Bagworth/
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