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Can't help too much. The two tenors were recast as stated, the two old bell=
s being cracked. These were broken up in the tower and their combined weigh=
ts were 16-3-24. The trebles were left there and we have no detail of any n=
ew fittings being made for them.

1. 31.5", hum 283, nom 1081
2. 30.25", hum 265, nom 1011.5
3. 36", JT 1896, 8-2-0, hum 226, fund. 456, nom 907
4. 40.25", JT 1896, 11-3-15, hum 205, fund. 399, nom 808

3 & 4 cast iron headstocks and coeval fittings.

No mention of other bellhangers so I suspect it was a JT job.

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Does anyone have any information these bells and frame please. I had a lo=
ok up there earlier this afternoon , and the installation was fascinating .=
Bells 3 and the tenor are Taylor recasts in 1896 ( or possibly 1898 ). I k=
now that they were last rung in the early 1980's . Fine tower - room for te=
n !.

Andrew Bull and I are compiling a Somerset bells list, but I don't appear=
to have any details of these. Andrew has been through the Taylor records, =
so I'm surprised that if it is a Taylor job we don't have details. Who are =
the frame / fittings by? If it was a local bellhanger (i.e. probably Thomas=
Doble of Taunton) that might account for us not having the details. Doble =
did obtain his bells from Taylor's generally, and his frame castings I susp=
ect - these have his name on but are identical to Taylor ones. The frames a=
re usually composite. Perhaps CJND can comment further on Doble's frames.


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