[Bell Historians] RW article Bells & world war two

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Mon Mar 21 14:19:01 GMT 2005

>After reading briefly this weeks Ringing world article about German bells 
>during and after the war, I wondered if the British ever thought of 
>utilising them? (Fortunately not) Was this because it wasn't thought of, or 
>the COE refused this to happen.

So far as I'm aware there was no general intention for this to happen, 
although cast iron railings, etc, were often removed from churchyard and 
other walls to be used in making munitions. Bells were to be rung only in 
the event of an invasion, so presumably this would mean that there was no 
desire to remove them.

That said, I believe there was an offer made by the authorities at 
Peterborough Cathedral to donate the disused heavy ring of five for use in 
making munitions. In the event, this never happened.


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