[Bell Historians] Bells & world war two

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Mon Mar 21 14:46:42 GMT 2005

David Bryant writes

So far as I'm aware there was no general intention for this to happen, 
although cast iron railings, etc, were often removed from churchyard and 
other walls to be used in making munitions. Bells were to be rung only in 
the event of an invasion, so presumably this would mean that there was no 
desire to remove them.

There were offers to have them removed 'for safety' though, and some towers
did just this. According to The Wiltshire Times in April 1942 churches in
Bristol had been 'well-rewarded for taking their bells down'.

G&J offered to remove HT, Bradford's bells and place them 'over a wide area,
perhaps in the gardens of parishioners'. The cost was estimated at £40-50.
This was not done, which was fortunate as the bells were able to be rung in
November for the El Alamein victory. I don't know if it was intended to
bury the bells but it would not have been easy as most gardens in the town
have very shallow soil over the rock. Treble,perhaps; tenor, very awkward!

Anne Willis

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