Clyst St George

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Tue Mar 22 20:49:15 GMT 2005

Staying the in the Exeter region, I have a query regarding Clyst St 

The church here was badly damaged in the war by fire caused by 
incentiary bombs. Its ring of six, which had been rehung by Taylor's 
in 1937, were badly damaged.

According to notes which I have (from DLC) they were all Warner bells 
(several dates) apart from the 5th which was a C15 Exeter foundry 
bell. According to the same notes, the complete ring was recast by 
Whitechapel in 1953.

The listed bells list gives the following:

Clyst St George	6 of 6 39.25 10.2.21 1616 J.Byrdall II, Exeter
Clyst St George	I/b only 1596 T Byrdall, Exeter

Presubably the inscription band is from the former 5th (albeit the 
date discrepancy), but what about the tenor? This weight (10-2-21) is 
the weight given for the tenor here. Are these details of the bell 
correct, and if so where did the bell come from?

Can anybody shed any light on this?


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