Rudhall Museum?

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at ...
Thu May 12 13:48:50 BST 2005

 At a Barnoldswick (Tuesday) practice, we had the pleasure of being 
joined by Bob Schofield from Oxenhope.
Bob daid he had seen a recipt for the casting and supply of our 1723 
A Rudhall II ring of three on display in Glous.
Does anyone know where or how we could obtain a copy of this reciept?
I would like a copy both for Church records and to use when we 
eventually launch the public rehang and augmentation appeal.
I was a little down yesterday- our Vicar (who is a ringer) contacted 
Skibden landfill site at Skipton (operated by Yorwaste LTD), to ask 
about applying for a grant towards the bell work under The Landfill Tax 
Credit Scheme.
He was told that they (Yorwaste LTD) do not give grants towards bell 
I rang the head office at Otley, and got no joy.
It would appear that Landfill operators who take part in the Landfill 
Tax Credit Scheme can choose the type of projects they give to and 
there is no set list of project types set out by ENTRUST that the 
landfill operators have to adhere to.
So basically, some landfill operators will give to bell projects and 
some won't.
I have a friend who is looking into the pros and cons of landfill 
sites for bell projects and I will ask her if she will write guidlines 
for use in applying for bell related work under the Landfill tax Credit 
Scheme, and post it on here and on the Bell renovation group.
She is a lot better placed than I to comment on these matters



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