[Bell Historians] Re: Taylors - Eayre & Smith merger

Richard Offen richard at ...
Tue May 17 12:23:08 BST 2005

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> Ok, so I was kidding, but didn't know about it until I read it on 
the B-H list. 

[Mushroom culture again I guess! I'd keep a hand on your tuning 
forks if I were you!]

Oz was good - it was generally warm for a start, although the locals 
> were worried about the lack of water. We left Perth shrouded in 
mist and 
> cold and raining for you Richard!

[Thank you! How kind! I gather they had quite a serious storm in 
Perth on Sunday! I've told them to get it sorted and have warm 
weather back by Friday afternoon when Callum and I land!]

> Someone has suggested we call the new company TESCO, but I think 
its been used elsewhere.
> Andrew

The thought of going round Freehold Street with a shopping trolley 
conjures up all sorts of wonderful images!


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