St Stephen, Westbourne Park, London W2

John Walton je.walton at ...
Sun May 22 13:36:32 BST 2005

> Subject: St Stephen, Westbourne Park, London W2
> Following my visit today, here are the results.
> Clock, Benson of Ludgate Hill, no date.
> Bell, Warner 1871, stock foundry inscription, "coat of arms" on
> one side of bell, no other inscription. Diameter is 38 inches give
> or take a little bit. Estimated weight about 9cwt.
> Hangs for full circle ringing in own frame, slider missing and
> nearly all shrouding missing from wheel, apart from a few inches
> around the garter hole.
> John
> --

>From my Bensons book (Bundock and McKay, 2002) an extract from a list of
JW Benson clocks, dated 1877:

"St Stephen's Church, Bayswater: 1 dial, 5ft 6in; Brass; Striking hours;
largest bell 8cwt."



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