[Bell Historians] Blatant advertising: Church Bells of Oxfordshire

John Baldwin Dovemaster at ...
Sun May 22 16:40:46 BST 2005

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> > Anyone who'd like me to bring a copy to the CC meeting at 
> > is invited to contact me off list (Dovemaster at c...).
> > 
> Will this be available to other ringers through advertisement or 
perhaps at 
> the Road Show ?
> Jim

As stated, it is the text of an advert for the RW and therefore 
available to all. Its just that a) the Trust can save the postage & 
packing costs and b) that the purchasers who are at Harrogate can 
know exactly when they are going to get their copy (and it'll help me 
to know how many copies to take there!).

As to the Road Show, I intend to be there (but not 100% of the 
time). Again, if someone knows they're going to be there (eg, across 
lunchtime), we can arrange to meet and I can pass a copy.


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