Early Bell Books

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Sun May 22 19:52:40 BST 2005

I am currently cataloguing a collection of bell and ringing related books
which I am responsible for looking after. I'm familiar with most of the
books and their values, but there are three early books. I readilly confess
my ignorance where these are concerned, and I wonder whether anyone better
informed would be able to confirm what they are and how much they might be
worth - I just want a rough idea for now as I'm intending to get the
collection professionally valued for insurance purposes.

The three books are:

Campanologia: Or, the Art of Ringing. Printed for A. Bettesworth and C.
Hitch, at the Red-Lyon in Pater-Noster-Ros, London. Is this Stedman's
Campanologia? It appear to be an early book, but doesn't appear to be dated
and I don't know the publication history of this book. A note written in the
front claims it to be of 1702 - I don't know whether this is accurate but
from the appearance of the book it could be.

Jones, W., Reeves, J., Blakemore, T. New Campanologial or Akey to the Art of
Ringing. London: Printed for R. J. Kirby, Paternoster Row. (not dated, but
clearly early). A note on a piece of paper tucked into the book claims it is
Clavis Campanologia (2nd ed) of 1796, but I don't know whether this is

Shipway, W. (1816) The Campanologia; or, Universal Instructor in the Art of

I'd be interested to know what the first two are, and how much each of the
three might be worth.



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