[Bell Historians] Blatant advertising: Church Bells of Oxfordshire

John Paul Adams J.Adams at ...
Mon May 23 11:26:40 BST 2005

>> Members of this list might like to know that the Sharpe Trustees have
>> had Church Bells of Oxfordshire (published in parts, 1947-53)
>> digitised and is it now available on CD-ROM.

It is good to see this "book" available again. It was one of only three
bells I ever read in the library when at university, along with Sharps
Herefordshire and Lord Grimethorpe's Treatise on clocks, bells etc etc.

A CD copy is never going to be as good getting your sticky mits on a paper
copy, a CD sitting on the coffee table wouldn't have the same reaction as a
bound book.

For information, if you were to print out the contents of the CD, how many
pages would there be? I suppose at last it could be printed out again once
your main copy has become dog eared and coffee stained.


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