Philip Jakeman, R.I.P.

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Tue May 24 13:23:12 BST 2005

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> I learned of the death of Phil appropriately enough from John Legg, 
the present Ringing Master at St Alphege, Whitstable. I spoke with 
Stephen on Saturday.
> Now is not the place for obituaries, nor really is a website. I 
taught Phil to ring, together with his sons, Stephen, Simon and 
Andrew with the enthusiastic encouragment of his wife, Doreen, to 
whom he was devoted.
> Phil, as has been said, was formerly a farmer, with his identical 
twin brother Paul, and their younger brother, whose early death 
turned them away from farming. He asked me what I thought Mr Hughes' 
reaction might be to an application for work as a bellhanger, my 
reply being that there was only one way to find out. I do not think 
that Whitechapel ever regretted the ensuing appointment. He was an 
excellent bellhanger, presiding (unforgettably in the case of the 
removal of Great Dunstan) at the great restoration at Canterbury 
Cathedral, and his workmanship rings round the world. He was a worthy 
ambassador for Whitechapel - and for the Exercise generally. He was a 
loyal churchman - my father always hoped that he would succeed him as 
churchwarden at St Alphege, but bells intervened. Above all he was a 
loving and loyal husband, brother, father and friend.
> Members of the list will no doubt have seen and sampled his work, 
many will have met him. Please remember him and his family at this 
> David Cawley

David has summed up all that I would have wanted to say about my dear 
friend Phil Jakeman. He was a remarkable character and I will 
cherish many very happy memories of him and his wicked sense of 

May he rest in peace.



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