A trawl through the archive

simple57uk simple57uk at ...
Wed May 25 10:56:39 BST 2005


I've rejoined recently after a lapse in membership, and took the 
opportunity to trawl through the archives. A couple of things sprung 
to light which might be worth resurfacing.

Around 2002 there was quite a lot of discussion about the idea of a 
specialist journal for bell history, although many thought that the 
circulation would be insufficient to merit exploring the option. 
Somebody (can't remember who) suggested the idea of a supplement to 
the Ringing World. Perhaps this is a topic more suited to the change-
ringers email list, but I thought it might be nice to see if there 
was support. A supplement need only be published a few times a year, 
but it would useful in many ways:

- It gathers together similar articles,
- Makes the RW better value for money, making it more attractive to 
customers (us!)
- Technical articles could be included, with definitions in a 
separate section.
- General ringers are exposed to them, possibly sparking an interest 
in bell history.

A guest editor could compile the supplement and present it for 
publication at an appropriate time.

What do people think of this? Would people support this by writing? 
Would the RW board accept it?


PS did the Clerkenwell monster ever make it into the Great Bells list 
in the Diary?


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