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Andrew Wilby andrew at ...
Thu May 26 00:07:44 BST 2005

Sorry Ben but you are taking complete and utter bollocks at this point....!!!!

When the old RW Board planned the restructuring of the RW Co and the relocation 
to Andover it was on the basis of bringing all the costs in-house and under 
control, of reducing the cost base, generating a considerable surplus margin and 
then rebalancing the finances to the benefit of the subscribers.

Last year the RW made £31,000 surplus!!
Completely in accordance with our business planning of 4 years ago.
(RW used to plan for £5k surpluses as a reasonable inflationary replacement of 
our asset base.... if you need to benchmark this level of surplus against 

RW isn't struggling along "with low budget and overstretched staff!" Get your 
facts right before going into print?

It is now a financially sound publishing house with the staff existing well 
within the comfort zone!!!

That is the contribution to the exercise of the previous Board, who were much 
maligning by the thickies of the exercise.
We now have a Board who show no commercial nouse in dealing with the excellent 
inheritance they have received. But that is another matter.

The RW can now do much including the abolition of charges for Quarters which was 
one of my targets.

Don't sell the RW short. It is an excellent, financially sound institution that 
is the life-blood of the exercise and, thanks to the old Board, is marching into 
the 21st Cent able to do business!

Say no more.... but think about those who tried to wreck it???


> The RW struggles along as it is, with a low budget and overstretched staff.
> They are not going to want to, or be able to, cope with a supplement once a
> month, however short it is. They would not be able to edit it, and they
> would not be able to pay for it. Even if someone else edited it (free?
> every month?), the RW would still have to ensure it was ready on time and
> was printed and inserted in every copy, which adds to their workload.


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