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 From: "David Bryant"

But there is necessarily a limit to how much bell history the RW can publish. It doesn't allow for the publication of long articles is the way that a journal does. Perhaps the internet is the answer - it is certainly widely used for publishing bell history research.

- if you have a long article, I can think of 2 solutions that might make it palatable to the RW:

1. Publish it in parts. 
2. Publish a summary, pointing those who may be interested in the direction of how to get the full text. (I deliberately say summary rather than abstract - abstracts do tend to the obscure, and if you want a general audience to read the item and be enlightened then what is published needs to appeal to them.)

At the risk of making an unsupported statement, I'd suggest that the good reasons for trying to get something about bell history in the comic far outweigh the reasons for not doing. David tells us that ringers aren't interested in bells: if he's right, then surely there is a need for missionary work to the ignorant. And the RW is always short of quality material: if bell history is relevant to ringers, then it will provide quality material. And above all, no other paper based medium is practical. However you slice it (a free standing journal, an occasional insert to the RW, whatever) I can see no realstic way of funding anything that doesn't rely on the RW's generosity. 

For those of you with things to say, get that keyboard ready - the RW may be the only place to say it!


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