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> > Leigh Simpson wrote:
> > > Somebody suggested the idea of a supplement to the RW...
> > > ... Makes the RW better value for money, making it more
> > > attractive to customers (us!)
> > 
> > And there you have the problem. 
> But - I am sure that The Ringing World is crying out for articles of 
> interest. It is possible to write historical articles in such a way 
> that is of sufficient interest to a reasonable number of ringers to 
> published. If it were not then why the article on pullies in a recent 
> edition?
> Try sending something up and see what happens! Good luck.
> Mike

I know that the Editor would be only too delighted to receive such 

I'm afraid I don't agree with David that ringers generally have no 
interest in the bells they ring. In my long experience, most ringers 
are extremely interested in 'what's upstairs' and will tell you that 
it's one of the things that makes ringing so fascinating.

Over the years there have been some superbly written articles on the 
history of bells, ringing and ringers in the Ringing World, all of 
which have been extremely well received by Mr 'Joe Public' Ringer. 
Whilst I would never put the articles that I have written over the 
years on the history of x, y or z bells in the category of 'superb 
writing', I have always received a great many compliment from 'ordinary 
ringers', who have told me how much they enjoy such items each week.

As Mike rightly points out, it's not the content that turns readers 
off, it's the style with which it's delivered!



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