[Bell Historians] Digest Number 1087

Ben Willetts ben at ...
Thu May 26 12:32:34 BST 2005

Andrew Wilby:
> Sorry Ben but you are taking complete and utter bollocks at this

How offensive. I'm sorry that you are upset about the maligning of the
previous Board, and the fact that the current Board "show no commercial
nouse [sic] in dealing with the excellent inheritance they have received",
but please don't take it out on me.

I apologise if I have misrepresented the RW's financial position. I am not
on the Board and do not know. However, this week I have been enjoying
reading some of the old issues from 2000, which do go on a lot about the
crap financial position of the paper. I'm sorry if I have applied past
comments to the current situation.

Sorry, Leigh, I stand corrected. Andrew Wilby is assuring us that the RW
staff can spare the time and money each month to publish a full technical
journal. Please start to make arrangements for such a publication.



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