Imber Bells

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Thu May 26 19:23:56 BST 2005

Apart from the extant 3rd bell (Edington 5th), the remainder were 
supposed to have been used to provide additional metal for Edington. 
However Fred Slatford (former SDGR secretary) from North Bradley was 
visiting the foundry, while Edington's ten were there, and discovered 
the ex-Imber bells still there as well. Whatever bell-metal was used to 
cast the Edington bells couldn't have come from Imber, if Fred is 
correct and he is still adamant this is the case.
Incidentally, Edington were second choice as a new home for the 
bells.The original plan was that they should provide a ring of 6 for St 
Francis' church in Salisbury, but funds ran out after the tower was 
completed. Neil Skelton will have more details than I on this plan.
Phil Lucas


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