[Bell Historians] Re: A trawl through the archive

Richard Offen richard at ...
Sun May 29 13:47:42 BST 2005

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "David Bryant" 
<davidbryant at h...> wrote:
> I might suggest that when we have a bell history mailing list with 
> members on it, compared to change-ringers with 660, then maybe 
> is an untapped interest which we are ignoring.
> [Surely a more likely explanation is that the majoriry of ringers 
just aren't interested in bells. The existence of the list is fairly 
well know, and it's included in John Camp's weekly round-up of the 
email lists published in the RW].
> David

I think you are making a gross assumption. 

There is a vast difference between people who are 'interested in 
bells' and those who are willing and able to contribute to a list 
such as this. The fact that the majority of those who subscribe to 
other bell ringing related lists do not subscribe to this one does 
not necessarily imply a lack of interest in bell history, merely a 
lack interest in contributing to the subject.



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