[Bell Historians] A trawl through the archive

John Camp camp at ...
Sun May 29 13:59:03 BST 2005

At 13:47 on 29 May 2005, Richard Offen wrote:

> I think you are making a gross assumption. 

> There is a vast difference between people who are 'interested in 
> bells' and those who are willing and able to contribute to a list 
> such as this. The fact that the majority of those who subscribe to
> other bell ringing related lists do not subscribe to this one does 
> not necessarily imply a lack of interest in bell history, merely a 
> lack interest in contributing to the subject.

I very much agree. If I did not monitor this list for my weekly
column, I doubt whether I would have bothered to subscribe. But,
since I do subscribe, I often find matters of considerable interest

Is it possible (or desirable) to harness that latent interest more

John Camp


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