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> At 11:55 +0100 2005/05/30, David Bryant wrote:
> >p.s. another journal which publishes reports on foundries, etc, is 
> >the journal of Historical Metallurgy.
> Last week I received a page torn out of the March 2005 issue of 
> "Modern Casting", a publication of the American Foundry Society 
> (previously unknown to me). Entitled "Lights, Camera, 
> the article describes how the Verdin Company's mobile bellfoundry 
> the subject of a complete episode of "Monster Nation", a TV show. 
> Verdin (http://www.verdin.com) developed the mobile foundry in 2002 
> for a project to cast a bell in each of the 88 counties of the 
> of Ohio, as part of that state's bicentennial celebrations. One of 
> the accompanying photos is the best I've seen anywhere of what the 
> whole rig looks like when set up for action.
> The page was sent to me by a man who was in the audience when I 
> a lecture on riverboat bells more than four years ago, to members 
> friends of a local museum dedicated to the Mississippi River, 
> steamboats, et al. "Connections, connections!" as James Burke 
> say.
> Carl

Just had a look at the Verdin web site - very interesting!

The section on tuning is even more interesting because the final 
picture is of a man pointing to large bell and I am 99% certain it is 
the picture which appeared in the 'blue' or 'orange' edition of Dove 
(I'm on the opposite side of the world to my copies!) as part of an 
advert for Petit & Fritsen!



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