Canon retaining headstocks

David Bagley david at ...
Thu Nov 3 07:27:17 GMT 2005

The 5 bells at Bredon (Worcs) were rehung by Warners in 1914 on canon 
retaining headstocks, except for the 4th.

I've uploaded a picture taken in Warner's works showing the 6-bell 
fabricated frame assembled prior to installation in the tower. See :-

The tenor (on the right) has a huge canon retaining headstock. Warners 
clearly had difficulty getting this bell to clapper correctly, and provided 
the bell with a clapper with a very long flight, and with virtually no 
"throw". This clapper is visible in the picture as the bell appears to be up 

The bell could (just) be rung up right side, but sounded "dead" and was VERY 
sluggish to turn in. Matthew Higby replaced the clapper recently which makes 
it much easier to ring, but it is now impossible to get it up right, even 
with 3 people. The bell weighs 18-2-2.



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