[Bell Historians] Canon removal and faculties

Richard Offen richard at ...
Thu Nov 3 12:53:03 GMT 2005

> Unfortunately this is factually incorrect.
> Hot dip galvanising is a Sacrificial coating and has limited life.
> 70 years would be a reasonable expectation.
> A bit short, considering the number of reasonably sound timber 
parts that
> have survived 300+ years.
> I have found a life chart at:
> or http://www.metalplate.com/galvanizing/TIS5.HTM
> Life may be better than the chart because it is subject to 
condensation and
> spray but not direct weathering.
> The performance of Galvanised beam ends buried in tower walls can 
be much
> reduced depending on how damp and chemically active the wall 
material is.
> There is a lesson from the building industry regarding galvanised 
> wall ties which have in some cases failed completely in less than 
50 years.
> Great care must be taken if differing materials, which will be 
> from Zink on the electrochemical table are in contact with the Zink 
> part.

Rick suggests that what's on the web site is fine. "However, it's a 
general statement and wall tie corrosion is nothing like a bell 
frame." there speaks the voice of great experience!

Anyone wanting more detailed information on this subject is very 
welcome to contact Rick direct (e-mail address available from me off 



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