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Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at ...
Thu Nov 3 15:41:10 GMT 2005

RO asks:-
"[Copper from where?]"

In my young day English bell metal consisted of approx
77% copper & 23 % tin. The copper causes that lovely
blue/green colour when the bell is exposed to the
elements. Condensation on the bell will carry copper
in solution which will then drip on to the galvanised
frame and over a period will affect the galvanising
and rust will take over.

"A tubular steel headstock is galvanized both inside
and outside 
(necessary for the process)." 

Oh yes, and who is going to climb inside the tubular
stock to ensure the galvanising is complete
particularly the weld at the end where a bit of grease
might be lurking.

"There is a lesson from the building industry
regarding galvanised cavity
wall ties which have in some cases failed completely
in less than 50 years."

Some of the prefabricated steel frames I have seen
look as though they have been constructed of cavity
wall ties. Why were so many jobs built down to a
price rather than up to a specification? Tubular
steel frames in porous stone towers? Yuk! Will they
never learn. 


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