[Bell Historians] Tucking up vs hanging out 'old style'

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Sat Nov 5 21:49:27 GMT 2005

> >I can think of several twelves where the
> >trebles are hung well out and are extremely fast.
> Doesn't this just back up my theory? Hang big bells out too, and they
> will also be easy to turn over fast!

Yes, but in some cases they are TOO fast! I've looked at a lot of rings of
12 (particularly Taylor-hung ones as most 12s in the north are!) and over
the decades the ideas dictating the hangs of the trebles clearly changed.
There is also the shape of the bells to bear in mind - many front-end bells
in rings of 12 are made longer in the waist to give them extra mass.



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