Tucking up vs hanging out 'old style'

Andrew Aspland aaspland at ...
Sun Nov 6 09:17:37 GMT 2005

I have recently used a Bagley Odd-Struckness Meter (OSM) to measure the
strike times at both Leeds Parish Church and at ST Wilfrid's Harrogate.

We are planning on removing the packing pieces between the headstock and
bell at Leeds to observe the effects.

At Harrogate it is very clear that the two tenors with cast iron headstocks
perform quite differently from the front six which are on bar headstocks.
(Mind you it didn't take a box of electronics to tell me that.)

Having the OSM means that we can quantify the effect of changes we make and
do not have to wait for the next ringing session to try to decide if we have
made an improvement to the striking.

In all the debate about tucking up no one has yet thought to mention the
"dodgability" of a bell. A certain way of hanging may change the speed of a
bell but how does hanging affect the ability of the ringer to dodge the
bell. I suspect tucked up bells are more manoeuvrable in change ringing and
therefore it is possible to ring faster and still be able to control the
bell through a method.


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