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> Its amazing how this is used as an excuse so frequently. Generally its
> disinterest. It takes someone with an enthusiasm for bells to get
> others interested Appeals bring in money for most of the jobs that get
> done. As an example we have brought in 130k at St Pauls Birmingham.
> They have had nothing in their bank account to speak of, and an income
> of less than 250 pounds per week. But they have an abundance of vision.

I think in this case the church genuinely is short of money, and a small
village isn't really comparable to a city church. Yes, perhaps if there was
somebody locally with the determination to raise the money to do something
about the bells then something might happen, but presumably there isn't.


In a village it is essential that there is a local interest not only in
restoring bells, but also in ringing them afterwards. Currently I help keep
Westwood going, but this is done entirely with 'outside' ringers, which is
rather depressing. 



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