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> I agree with Anne. When I lived in Daventry various individuals 
spent immense amounts of time teaching a band at Norton where the 
bells had recently been rehung. When the Norton ringers were 
reasonably competent and learning change ringing they were invited to 
Daventry on practice night. They declined on the basis that Daventry 
had ten bells. We had offered six bell ringing from 19.00 to 20.00 
hrs but that didn't make any difference. We withdrew support for 
their ringing and it fizzled out within three months. I have not 
allowed my self to become engaged in such a situation since then. 
Effort needs to come from instructors and learners.

> In a village it is essential that there is a local interest not 
only in
> restoring bells, but also in ringing them afterwards. Currently I 
help keep
> Westwood going, but this is done entirely with 'outside' ringers, 
which is
> rather depressing.  
> Anne


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