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p.s. - his first name was indeed Thomas.

For anyone not aware, Closworth is an obscure small village on the Somerset
/ Dorset border, not far from Yeovil. It was long a centre of bellfounding,
and was the home of the remarkable Purdue family whose bells are still
numerous in the west country. The Purdues (and Thomas in particular)
produced some of the country's finest bells of the era.


I would dispute Closworth as 'home' for the Purdues. Origin, certainly, and
home probably for some in between their journeying, but Rogers I and II
certainly made their home in Bristol, Roger I casting a great many bells for
North Wiltshire (at least 64 at the last count). William III was in
Salisbury for some time before going to Ireland where he died and was buried
at Limerick.

I like the epitaph on Thomas Purdue's gravestone at Closworth

'Here lies the bellfounder, honest and true
Till the day of resurrection, named Purdue'



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