[Bell Historians] Roskelly

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Nov 11 23:15:42 GMT 2005

> I would dispute Closworth as 'home' for the Purdues. Origin, 
certainly, and
> home probably for some in between their journeying, but Rogers I 
and II
> certainly made their home in Bristol, Roger I casting a great many 
bells for
> North Wiltshire (at least 64 at the last count). William III was in
> Salisbury for some time before going to Ireland where he died and 
was buried
> at Limerick.

It was their ancestral home, and up until the end of the line 
(Thomas) they retained close links with the village, therefore I 
think it is fair to describe it as their home although, as you say, 
several of them worked elsewhere. I am very familar with George 
Purdue's work as he based himself in Taunton. It cannot be said that 
he was the most talented of the Purdues, even in his own generation. 
Most of his bells which I've come across vary between average and 
poor. I've not encountered anything by him anywhere near as good as 
the products of his brothers Richard (e.g. Queen Camel tenor) or 
Roger (e.g. Redcliffe 11th).



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