[Bell Historians] Late G&J bells

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Wed Nov 23 14:35:33 GMT 2005

>G R Hayward said on anopther list:
>"Weren't some of the very late G&J jobs cast and tuned at Taylors
>under the G&J name?"

Not quite. Some of the very last G&J bells were cast at Taylor's (to G&J 
designs, using G&J strickles and lettering), but the castings were then sent 
to G&J who tuned and fitted them.

>If so could the augmentation at watford be one of these?

No - far too early. The bells cast at Taylor's were produced in 1955.

There was an informative article by Andrew Higson on the front page of the 
RW within the last year or so giving the background to the situation and a 
list of the bells concerned.



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