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Wed Nov 23 23:12:09 GMT 2005

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> Sorry I disagree on this one! The defenition of a bell is as 
> 1 a deep inverted metal cup that sounds a clear musical note when 
> I think this defenition got all those Liss Campanile Peals thrown 
out -  
> because the bells were not made of metal.
> I have known about the Ausbel guys for some years - and I find 
their work is 
> very interesting indeed. The real challenge is still to be 
> though - how do you make a small bell sound like a big one? I am 
sure it's  
> possible.
> (A very tired) Matthew

What I find more interesting with the bells cast in Victoria is the 
high-tech manner of manufacture and mass replication of tuned bells 
using CNC lathes etc ...applied to British bell founding, I fear it 
would put Messrs Higson and Taylor out of a job pretty quickly, 
which, in my opinion, would be a very bad thing!   

Thank goodness for individuality!



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