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Fri Oct 7 05:58:34 BST 2005

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> The new site is now up at Not everything 
works yet, but any comments or suggestions would be useful.
> David

Well done David! Early stages I know, but it's looking good.

Are you going to put a photographs section in? I think this would 
be of great interest to many people.   

A section on "how to record the details of the bells in your church" 
would be good too. I know Mr Dalton and Co will shudder at the 
thought, but it might just encourage people to go and have a look at 
the contents of their local tower a bit more closely and draw 
attention to the vital work of recoding and preserving important 
historical artefacts.

The more publicity we give to the importance of the subject, the more 
cooperation we are likely to get when we submit a request to visit a 
long-forgotten tower somewhere out in the wilds.



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