[Bell Historians] Re: New website

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Oct 7 12:27:14 BST 2005

>I agree that a photo page would be useful.

I agree too! Thing is, I'm on dial-up at the moment so uploading lots of 
photos would take ages. I intend to get broadband, but will probably wait 
until I've got a new computer as the current one is so clapped-out that it 
isn't worth buying the hardware for it, and I want a laptop next time so any 
components I bought for the current one wouldn't fit. A photos page is a 
definite intention in the future.

>W.r.t. a guide on 'How to record details of your bells', the easy bit
>is noting the details of the bells themselves, the difficulties come in
>recording frames & fittings, and drawing accurate conclusions from what
>is discovered.


>Whilst it would be desirable to increase the numbers of
>those capable of recording the details, I don't envy those who would
>create such a guide.

I think some knowledge has to be assumed. If somebody doesn't know what (for 
example) a headstock is then writing a recording guide would be pratcially 

>Another useful page might be 'A guide on accessing archives relating to 

Good idea - my knowledge of this area is not great, but if others more 
knowledgeable would be prepared to compile the information I can put it on 
the web.



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