[Bell Historians] York St John

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Thu Oct 13 09:09:01 BST 2005

>These bells are shown in Dove on-line as unringable. That they
>certainly were whilst the restaurant was being fitted out. What would
>be more appropriate now? "Ringing Limited", perhaps?

I have been in correspondence with the compilers of Dove, and when the 
situation regarding when ringing can take place I will decide what should be 
put in Dove.

I really wish I hadn't started this discussion. What was only intended as a 
posting for information seems to have been taken as a request for everyone's 
opinion on the matter. The situation is as it is, and there is no point in 
rambling on about whether the redundant churches advisory board should have 
done anything (minimal research would have shown that the church has been in 
secular ownership for years and it's none of their business), etc.



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