[Bell Historians] York St John

Richard Offen richard at ...
Thu Oct 13 10:43:47 BST 2005

> I have been in correspondence with the compilers of Dove, and when 
> situation regarding when ringing can take place I will decide what 
should be 
> put in Dove.
> I really wish I hadn't started this discussion. What was only 
intended as a 
> posting for information seems to have been taken as a request for 
> opinion on the matter. The situation is as it is, and there is no 
point in 
> rambling on about whether the redundant churches advisory board 
should have 
> done anything (minimal research would have shown that the church 
has been in 
> secular ownership for years and it's none of their business), etc.
> David

David, please, don't be so high-handed with those who have asked 
questions about this historic ring out of genuine interest and 
concern for its future. I can think of a number of instances where 
you have been equally persistent and irritating in your line of 
questioning on this list (Canterbury Cathedral 9th springs to mind), 
so please allow others the same priviledge.

I thought, in an earlier posting, you had said that David Potter was 
the correspondent for this tower, so why will it be you who has the 
authority to decide what is put in Dove?



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