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Thu Oct 27 03:58:28 BST 2005

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Susan & Christopher Dalton" 
<dalton.family at v...> wrote:
> > Thanks, Chris. I assume they must have been rung from the ground 
floor, as
> > there only appears to be one floor in the tower, because the west 
window is
> > so big - unless there was a gallery, but it was a number of years 
ago that
> > I was in the church and I can't remember whether there were any 
signs of
> > there having been one.
> >
> I seem to think there was an intermediate floor which was taken out 
> reveal the west end of the church and that huge window..
> The bells were hung dead in the present (non-ringing) frame by 
Greenleaf &
> Tristram of Hereford and I have seen them (the bells, not G & T) 
but don't
> have an exact date and would like one.
> C D

Thanks to both Christophers for correcting my, these days, very 
unreliable memory (I'm writing this, as usual, from the other side of 
the world to my notes!).

Mr Glover does indeed subscribe to this list, but usual decides to 
keep quiet and, in his own words, "let the 'experts' do all the 
chatting!" As CD says, Alan has done very extensive research into 
all the towers in Shrewsbury and, if he can be drawn out of his shell 
for once, would be able to tell us chapter and verse about both Holy 
Cross Abbey and St Michael's.

Hopefully, if nothing else, this correspondence will have stopped 
errant tower grabbers from making a nuisance of themselves to the 
Abbey authorities. Some of the letters I've seen recently from 
certain of their number, trying to get various `rare' towers have 
been quite puke-making in their boastful content!



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