[Bell Historians] Re: Shrewsbury Abbey

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Wed Oct 26 18:09:33 BST 2005

> Thanks, Chris. I assume they must have been rung from the ground floor, as
> there only appears to be one floor in the tower, because the west window is
> so big - unless there was a gallery, but it was a number of years ago that
> I was in the church and I can't remember whether there were any signs of
> there having been one.
I seem to think there was an intermediate floor which was taken out to
reveal the west end of the church and that huge window..

The bells were hung dead in the present (non-ringing) frame by Greenleaf &
Tristram of Hereford and I have seen them (the bells, not G & T) but don't
have an exact date and would like one.



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