[Bell Historians] Bell details on Dove ("proto-NBR")

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You might like to check the notes of the foundry bells again. 



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> I've just done the Foundry tower details...
> John, a suggestion if I may. Is it possible to have a block 
booking so
> that if you have a complete peal by one founder and one date, you 
> have to enter them x times where x could be up to 16!
> Regards
> Andrew
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> On 27 September (in message 9328) I intimated to members of this 
> that: 
> ".. After a short period (with some invited participants) to 
assess the 
> usability of what we have designed, people generally will be able 
> supply us with (relatively) SMALL amounts of data (ie, on a bell 
> bell basis for any given tower), and to supply corrections for 
what is 
> already being shown (on the Dove website in the way of details 
> the bells comprising a ring)."
> We are now ready for those who wish to, to try out those editing 
> facilities having decided that the period of testing we have 
> ourselves justifies making it generally available. (It that 
proves to 
> be over-optimistic in practice, we may remove the facility with no 
> notice.)
> Just go to the normal Dove search page, click on the item number 
> column) and follow the links. Help is provided.
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