Holy Trinity Holdgate (Shropshire)

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Fri Oct 28 09:56:51 BST 2005

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> It is possible, but unlikely, that the bells would have been rung
> full-circle around 1900. Even now (well, 1982) they do set.
> Treble Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1754; 2nd and tenor John Martin 
> Worcester 1657 and 1666.
> C D

Had a look at these tnhis summer.
Discovered some bodges I had never ever seen before- piece of 
timber wedged between the pulley and box to stop the rope slipping 
and jamming in the gap, a stick jammed in between the canons and 
stock on the second as the bell was loose on its stock and timber 
nailed vertically on the wheel in an attempt to strengthen it.
Timber is split around one gudgeon and I seem to recall some badly 
split timber around a bolt on the stock.
Don't know if it would be worth doing work on them for a grab- 
they are relativly poor.
Good frame though and worth a look at the installation.
Very intersting church as well.



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