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> Richard Offen is right about the people in WA, but w.r.t. 
> transportation to WA,Andrew Wilby is nearer the mark. Originally 
> state was set up as a free settlement, but colonisation was so 
> the settlers petitioned successfully for convict labour. 
> As any South Australian will tell you, SA was the only state where 
> transportation did not play a part in its history.
> Phil

That's all as may be, but as we well know on this list, history is 
dependent upon those who interpret it!

I still maintain that miscalling a quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles 
was insufficient reason for Glover to petition the authorities for my 
immediate transportation to the colonies!

Now, excuse me, I must be off to the cellar to find another bottle of 
that very nice Margaret River red :-)



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