[Bell Historians] Evans of Chepstow

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Sat Oct 29 13:24:46 BST 2005

> Has anyone ever put together a list of bells by the Evans family of 
> Chepstow? What is their largest surviving bell? The 10th at Exeter
> Cathedral (33 cwt)?
I am not replying because I know the answer, but just to say that I haven't
made a list, and am not aware that anybody else has. Try John Baldwin,
Andrew Bull... There ain't no Evans bells in Dorset, nor Wiltshire so far
as I am aware. Lots in Devon and Somerset. I found one "new" one in Pembs.
- at Burton near Neyland. The Evans six at Cwmdu is remarkable for being
entirely maiden and within a tolerance of 15 cents pretty well in tune and
the nearby six at Llangors for being far from maiden and yet not at all well
in tune (L & J recast tenor notwithstanding).

C D 


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