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I have a copy of the list of Evans bells published in Arthur Wright's Church
Bells Of Monmouthshire, and have been toying with the idea of turning it
into an Excel spreadsheet with added details. It has since been reported to
me that one of the bells in the heavy octave at Long Ashton, Bristol, is by
Evans, and this is not on the list.

Scanning through the list, it seems that the surviving heaviest bell from
the Evans foundry is indeed the present tenth at Exeter, though the previous
tenor was also by Evans. The net scrapping weight recorded in 1902 for this
bell was 62-3-0.

Andrew Bull

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> Has anyone ever put together a list of bells by the Evans family of
> Chepstow? What is their largest surviving bell? The 10th at Exeter
> Cathedral (33 cwt)?
I am not replying because I know the answer, but just to say that I haven't
made a list, and am not aware that anybody else has. Try John Baldwin,
Andrew Bull... There ain't no Evans bells in Dorset, nor Wiltshire so far
as I am aware. Lots in Devon and Somerset. I found one "new" one in Pembs.
- at Burton near Neyland. The Evans six at Cwmdu is remarkable for being
entirely maiden and within a tolerance of 15 cents pretty well in tune and
the nearby six at Llangors for being far from maiden and yet not at all well
in tune (L & J recast tenor notwithstanding).


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