[Bell Historians] Evans of Chepstow

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Sat Oct 29 21:27:29 BST 2005

> The Evans six at Cwmdu is remarkable for being
> entirely maiden and within a tolerance of 15 cents pretty well in tune and
> the nearby six at Llangors for being far from maiden and yet not at all
> in tune (L & J recast tenor notwithstanding).

Am I right in thinking that tonally Evans bells are very variable? I've not
rung on that many, but those I have have differed widely. I wasn't greatly
impressed with the Evans back 8 at Chepstow itself, and the six at Selworthy
in Somerset weren't particularly memorable either. On the other hand, the
six at Luccome (back five by Evans) I recall as being really rather good,
and the 10th at Exeter Cathedral also impressed. Do you happen to have tonal
analysis details of this latter bell? I'd be interested to see just how
close to true harmonic it is.



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